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Roksan shot to fame in the 1980s as the exciting new manufacturer, who dared to challenge Linn's famous LP12 turntable. Their turntable, the Xerxes, quickly established a cult following and Roksan capitalised on its success by rapidly expanding into other areas. They launched a series of amplifiers and speakers, which once again demonstrated how innovative design, coupled with excellent engineering, could result in products that outperformed the accepted leaders in the field.

Perhaps the most famous of all of these products is the Kandy series of amplifiers, which has received world-wide critical acclaim. Hot on its heels comes the even newer Caspian M2 range, which has just achieved a 'double whammy' by taking the What Hi-Fi award for 'Best Buy' in both CD and amplifier categories. If you're interested in the perfect marriage of form and function, take a look at Roksan - you won't be disappointed!