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Naim CDX2 - awards and reviews
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What Hi-Fi five star reviewed Jul 2007
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Naim CDX2 - specification and points of interest
Audiophile power supply with exceptional dynamic stability.
User-configurable versatile (DIN/phono) outputs.
Full infrared remote control.
RC5 input for wired remote control in complex installations.
Upgradeable with the optional Naim XPS power supply
'Reference series' extruded Aluminium case
Can be controlled using the Naim App (Apple / Android) when connected to a compatible network streamer (eg ND5 XS)
Height: 87mm  |  Width: 432mm  |  Depth: 314mm
The loading mechanism on the CD player is fully manual, utilising a 'swing drawer' mechanism and magnetic puck.
This unit can be significantly upgraded by adding on an external Naim power supply, eg XPS.
This product carries a free 5 year warranty, if you register it on-line at the manufacturer's website.
Naim CDX2 CD player
Audiophile CD player for serious silver disc fans!

Naim's 'middle' player is the fabulous CDX2. This unit is housed in their beautiful new casework, complete with a stunningly machined aluminium front fascia. If your friends poke fun at the 'less than chic' appearance of your cherished old Naim units, then the CDX2 will shut them up for good! This lovely machine offers a level of performance guaranteed to please even the most hardened (bigoted?.. and that includes me, by the way!) vinyl enthusiast. It's an easy player to sell by demonstration; all who hear it are seized by a sudden urgent need to buy one! Come and have a listen at your (wallet's) peril.

Just like a lot of other Naim equipment, the CDX2 can be upgraded by the addition of a Naim power supply. However, in this case, the matching XPS 2 costs a mere 3635! Believe it or not, it is even easier to sell in the dem room than the CDX2. It really does make an enormous difference, producing a level of performance way beyond what was possible at any price not that long ago.

Naim CDX2
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