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Naim NAP 250 DR - awards and reviews
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“...the NAP 250 DR is a classic reborn, a power amplifier for the high resolution era that will take any signal and make the most of it.” The Ear
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Award-Winning Reference Quality Speaker Cable -  
from 40
QED Reference XT40 (single-wire) speaker cable, with fitted Airlock plugs
Available Lengths:
2 x 2m  
•   2 x 3m  
•   2 x 4m  
•   2 x 5m  
•   2 x 6m  
•   2 x 7m  
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Naim NAP 250 DR - specification and points of interest
2 x 80 watts into 8 ohms
400 VA transient capability
Same custom designed transistors used in NAP 500
Fully regulated power supply
Able to drive a 2-Ohm load for long periods of time
Compatible with a wide choice of cables and speakers.
'Reference series' extruded Aluminium case
Height: 87mm  |  Width: 432mm  |  Depth: 314mm
The speaker sockets on this unit take 4mm 'banana' plugs only - you cannot use speaker cable with bare wire ends. All our made-up speaker cables for this unit come with 4mm 'banana' plugs fitted (see 'Upgrades & Optional Extras').
This product carries a free 5 year warranty, if you register it on-line at the manufacturer's website.
Naim NAP 250 DR power amp (Mint, Ex-Dem)
Naim's legendary amp is given a 21st Century update!

The new NAP 250 DR shouldn't really be called a 250 at all - it is a totally different design from the old NAP 250, Naim's founding amplifier, which first hit the streets over 40 years ago. However, Naim wanted to retain the much-loved model number of the old favourite and we're not going to knock them for that, because for many of us in the industry, the NAP250 was our first ever 'serious;' Hi-Fi amplifier - the amplifier that began our love affair with the black boxes from Salisbury.

However, the truth of the matter is that even old-school audiophiles like ourselves would have to admit that everything about the new NAP250 DR is streets ahead of even the very best 250s from the past. There is circuitry inside this particular box of black magic from Salisbury that couldn't even have been dreamed about all those years ago. For a start, the new 250 uses the same 009 transistors that are found in Naim's flagship 155,000 Statement amplifier (no, that price is not a misprint!). Along with a myriad of other internal improvements, the 250 DR also boasts an impressive (and very heavy!) new toroidal transformer, plus the all-important new DR ultra-low noise power supply circuitry, also derived from research work done during the development of Statement. I could quote some amazing techno-facts to you - like the amp's 400 VA transient ability, but to some extent that would be irrelevant, because all that really matters here is just how big an improvement the 250 DR makes when introduced into virtually any Naim system from the past.

I'll try to put it into words; imagine someone is holding a photo of a crowd of people in front of your face, but the person holding the photo can't stand still, so the photo is waving about too much for you to be able to focus on it properly. You can see it's quite a nice photo  with a lot of  people in it, that all the people are different sizes and are wearing different clothes, but you can't really make out any of the detail, or get any idea of why the photo was taken in the first place. Now imagine that the person holding the photo has stopped waving it about and instead is holding it absolutely rock solid still, with no movement at all. Now when you look at the photo again, you can see everything - and in the finest detail. What was just a blur before is now pin sharp, showing you parts of the photo that you didn't even know existed before, revealing the structure of the composition, giving you an idea of what the photographer had in his mind, when he took that particular shot. That's what the 250 DR will do to every single track in your music collection - make everything you've experienced before just seem like a blur in comparison. Complex passages, that previously were hard to follow (and enjoy!) will now make much more sense, revealing, with far more clarity, the 'purpose' behind the music. For the first time ever, exquisite detail that was previously 'hidden in the shadow' will reveal itself, taking the spell bound listener on a completely new voyage through music he thought he knew inside out (but didn't!).

If you want to know what all your favourite tracks really sound like, you simply must hear the new NAP 250 DR. Partner it with Naim's new 21st Century 272 streaming preamp and you have a match made in heaven that will delight and enthral you - just like your first ever Naim system did, all those years ago!

Naim NAP 250 DR
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Naim NAP 250 DR power amp (Mint, Ex-Dem) (Black)
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